Join the worldwide media and activism campaign against the vote for U.S. intervention in Syria. 3 TOOLS: 1. Find out where an event is happening near you: (New York, Boston, … Continue reading

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ACTION: Protection of Holy Sites in Syria & Oppose US-Syria War

Use your Voice: Call your Congressmen to oppose US military action in Syria where hundreds of thousands of Sunnis, Shi’a, Alawite, Christians, and Jews along with their sacred sites, are … Continue reading

09/02/2013 · 4 Comments

ABTV Presents: “The Forgotten People” Documentary

A must-see documentary that shares the stories of Muslim families from Quetta and Karachi who’ve been plagued by tragedies from Pakistan’s Shia Genocide. How many more stories should be told … Continue reading

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Call to Action: #SaveMuslimHeritage | Rebuild Al-Baqi!

This Friday, August 16th the crime committed by The [Vile] Kingdom of Saudia Arabia that initiated a series of attacks on Islamic Heritage will be protested in major cities across … Continue reading

08/13/2013 · 1 Comment

UK Leader Lord Avebury Calls on Pakistani Government to Protect Shias

Resource: The International News “LONDON: Vice Chair of the all-Parliamentary group Lord Avebury has called on the UK to help Pakistan in reforming its security and intelligence agencies to make … Continue reading

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Press Release: US Congress Sends Letter To Newly Elected Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Addressing The Targeted Killings Of Shi’a Muslims

Originally posted on 10,000 Souls March:
July 8, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Wizarat Rizvi | soulsmarch@gmail.com  | 609-760-7946 | SoulsMarch.wordpress.com | Twitter: @SoulsMarch US Congress Sends Letter To Newly Elected Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz…

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Update & List of Innocent Victims of Quetta Blast names

Update: “Rise Up” Action Packets including an assortment of useful human rights activism materials to be released shortly.   “Incomplete list of the people buried today in Pakistan. Please keep … Continue reading

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Free Sheikh Nimr! – Protest July 6th | London, England

Message from organizers: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – MLK Dear all, In our last protest, we promised the Saudi Ambassador in London that we would return … Continue reading

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“A Call for Justice FULL Documentary (1 & 2)”

Introducing a documentary series outlining important information about the ongoing genocide of Shi’a Muslims & other minorities in Pakistan and beyond. The documentary aims to eradicate common misconceptions about the … Continue reading

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Drop Beats Not BOMBS – May 2nd, 2013 @ RU

Rising Cries – in collaboration with Oppression.org, Radio Rahim, and Project Nur – will be bringing the discussion on drone strikes and its massive toll on innocents to a new … Continue reading

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